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Hong Kong Summer Spectacular 17 June - 31 Aug 2011 Ǣ



Hong Kong Summer Spectacular
17 June - 31 Aug

This summer, Hong Kong, Asias world city is shifting into party mode with the Hong Kong Tourism Boards Summer Spectacular. Week in and week out from 17 June until 31 August, enjoy a colourful series of events and happenings that are sure to dazzle your senses and make your visit to Hong Kong a memorable one.

Hong Kongs shopping scene is sure to leave you wide eyed with excitement tempting you with superb summer sales, fun-filled events and promotions. You can also count on the citys bars and restaurants to serve up a stunning array of drinks and dining specials this summer. Countless hot events including fairs, festivals and expos are sure to please as well.

So, read on and begin your summertime adventure. May every moment of your stay open up a world of new experiences!



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